By Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani,Sachiko Murata

Angels take any shape they need within the actual global. As crystal water takes the shape of the cup within which it's poured, angels can take the shape of any production which they stopover at. they don't preserve their complete unique type of gentle after they are despatched to humans: "Say: If there have been within the earth angels jogging safe, We had despatched down for them from heaven an angel [without switch] as messenger" (17:95). Angels can come as birds, as humans, or as a kind of sunshine like a rainbow decorating the sky. they've got a brain and a middle, yet no will and no wish except to serve and obey God. they're by no means too proud to obey Him.

Angels worship day and evening with no fatigue. they don't have to sleep, as their eyes by no means tire. They recognize no heedlessness. Their awareness by no means wavers. Their nutrients is glorification of God, their drink is to sanctify and to exaggerate Him. Their intimacy is in calling their Lord via hymning and making a song His compliment. Their entertainment is to serve Him. they're with out any and all physiological restraints. They endure no mood-changes.

Angels inhabit Paradise and the seven heavens. They worship greater than humans simply because they got here prior to them and so they have larger and extra strong colleges than they. they're extra pious than people simply because they're blameless and not able to fall into errors or wrongdoings. They by no means ask forgiveness for themselves yet constantly for humans. This exhibits us how a lot they take care of us and to what volume God created them to seem after us. God made them our guardians simply because a mother or father is extra excellent than the single he guards.

Angels are extra a professional than people. the trainer, back, is best than the coed. Their wisdom is of 2 varieties: highbrow and conventional. "Intellectual" potential the following: "of the essence of truth" or "of the heart." "Traditional" ability: "revealed and translated down from above."

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