The Coin Collector: Life After Death by Kyle Ripton

By Kyle Ripton

within the early 1800’s, Rubo Mantovani, an immigrant from Italy, determined to settled in what was once then referred to as Naco, Arizona. whereas different immigrants persisted to California in the course of the Gold Rush, Rubo stayed the direction and kept up adequate funds to finally purchase up 2,500 acres of land within the wasteland. Little did he understand, whereas mining on his land, he may dig up a mom lode of wealth that required entire secrecy.
During an immense buildup of Mexican cartels alongside the Mexican/American borders of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Bloody battles over shipments of weapons, medicinal drugs, and funds throughout overseas borders inflicting hostilities. This challenge spilled over and onto Rubo Mantovani property.
Caught in the midst of those wars, have been occasionally households of Day-Crossers, attempting to search safe haven within the usa at major rate. topic to the rule of thumb of Cartels, Day-crossers have been pressured to hold the weapons, medications, and cash, backward and forward throughout those borders in trade for secure and loose passage into the wonderland of hope.
Families are frequently subjected to beatings, torture, rape, or even loss of life, should still an individual of them refuse to do the Cartel’s bidding.
Hundreds of tunnels have been equipped to maximise the majority had to feed the ever-growing American urge for food for drugs.
Day-crosser’s who have been prosperous sufficient may well purchase their approach throughout the Cartel run tunnels, saving themselves the lengthy stroll via treacherous terrain, blistering warmth, starvation, thirst, or even death.
Rumors unfold by means of those that have been captured and fortunate adequate to be lower back to Mexico, that complete kinfolk got here lacking the instant they crossed the border.
There have been those that acknowledged, entire households, have been mutilated through an enormous wasteland animal, sparking some of the most extraordinary, and unsolved circumstances of lacking humans in history.
Those who did arise lacking grew to become the art of an elusive serial killer, who loved to demonstrate his paintings for all to work out and to honor their killer by way of letting him forge a gold coin of dying at major cost.
Follow this epic horror tale that would have you ever pondering if you’re going to be The Coin Collector’s subsequent victim?

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Richtfest: Charly Valentins dritter Fall (German Edition) by Thomas Peter

By Thomas Peter

In der abgebrannten Werkhalle eines Ingolstädter Bauunternehmens wird die verkohlte Leiche des Firmeninhabers gefunden. Es stellt sich heraus, dass guy das Opfer erschoss, bevor es ein Raub der Flammen wurde. Charly Valentin und sein staff übernehmen den Fall und müssen dabei nicht nur mit den Vorstellungen des neuen cooks zurechtkommen. Denn zu den Hauptverdächtigen zählen vor allen anderen die Witwe und der Sohn des Opfers. Ein gutes Motiv hätte freilich ebenso der Kompagnon gehabt, dem der Tote bei seinen Expansionsfantasien stets im Weg stand. Dann liegt auch noch ein Mafiakiller tot auf einer Großbaustelle ausgerechnet beim Richtfest ...

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L'effetto farfalla: Il quinto caso della Sezione Q (I casi by Jussi Adler-Olsen,Maria Valeria D'Avino

By Jussi Adler-Olsen,Maria Valeria D'Avino

Il quinto caso della Sezione Q

Marco ha solo quindici anni ma non ha mai avuto un’infanzia. È cresciuto in una banda di criminali il cui capo, il cinico e violento Zola, lo obbliga a un’esistenza squallida fatta di accattonaggio e piccoli furti. Ma non ha mai accettato quel destino, e un giorno riesce a disertare. Quando s’imbatte in un terrificante segreto che Zola e i suoi sono disposti a tutto pur di mantenere story, l. a. sua fuga si trasforma in una lotta in line with l. a. vita. Quello che Marco non sa è che l. a. sua famiglia non è los angeles sola a volerlo morto. Banchieri, diplomatici e alti funzionari statali sono coinvolti in una truffa insanguinata che allunga i suoi tentacoli fino alla giungla dell’Africa centrale, e temono di cadere uno dopo l’altro come tessere di un gioco del domino se lui racconterà quello che ha visto. Neppure Carl Mørck, alla guida della Sezione Q, è disposto a lasciarsi sfuggire il ragazzino dallo sguardo ardente incrociato in keeping with caso nelle strade di Copenaghen, e insieme ai suoi assistenti - los angeles fantasiosa Rose e il sempre più misterioso Assad - è deciso a interrompere quella fatale catena di eventi.

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A River Through Two Harbors (Two Harbors Mysteries) by Dennis Herschbach

By Dennis Herschbach

whilst Deidre Johnson fills in for Silver Bay’s basically police officer for 6 weeks, she doesn’t count on dealing with something of end result. She is so fallacious. She discovers the frozen physique of a Cree Indian lady in the urban limits, and within the strategy of her research uncovers a sex-trafficking ring regarding local ladies being transported from Canada and bought within the Duluth Harbor. She is torn among the normalcy she sees round her and the long-kept mystery river of younger women that flows via Harbors to Duluth. “SEX TRAFFICKING in the course of looking season?” the query at the billboard erected outdoors Harbors requested. “The signal is meant to elevate information of intercourse trafficking to the loads of deer hunters touring throughout the state over the subsequent a number of weeks. ‘They’re all over—walking by means of deserted constructions and down lengthy [logging] roads’ in line with a Lake County Commissioner.” —Lake County information Chronicle, November eight, 2013 “Trafficking of local ladies is rampant in northern Minnesota. The Duluth harbor is infamous between local humans as a website for the trafficking of local girls from northern reservations.” —Christine Stark, Minneapolis megastar Tribune, August four, 2013 “Known because the Lake improved intercourse trade,” says writer and researcher Christine Stark, “teenage boys and girls, or even infants are being offered on ships within the Duluth, Minnesota harbors and being despatched to Ontario, Canada. Indigenous ladies from Canada, particularly Thunder Bay, also are being offered on ships headed for Duluth.” —MintPress information, September 19, 2013

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Das Oswald-Geständnis (German Edition) by Jürgen Kurz

By Jürgen Kurz

Als der abgehalfterte Journalist Kevin Bain das abgegriffene Buch aufschlägt, ahnt er nach wenigen Sätzen, dass die Geschichte einschlagen wird wie eine Bombe. Er hält das Geständnis von Leon Oswald in Händen, einem vor über sechs Monaten auf mysteriöse Weise verschwundenenInvestmentbanker. Detailliert beschreibt Oswald die schmutzigen Geschäfte seiner Zunft. Er packt aus, wie er und seine Kollegen mithilfe skrupelloser Rating-Agenturen und ein paar einfacher Taschenspielertricks wertlose Kredite in scheinbar hochrentable Wertpapiere verwandelten und damit Hunderte vonMillionen scheffelten. Für Bain wäre die Veröffentlichung der tale das lang ersehnte Comeback als anerkannter Journalist und für Oswald die Erlösung aus seiner zermürbenden Geiselhaft. Doch nicht alle sind begeistert davon, die Geschichte im day-by-day magazine zu lesen. Es steht zu viel auf dem Spiel ...

Ein fesselnder Faction-Thriller, hoch aktuell und von großer Brisanz.

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Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall

By Araminta Hall

This is a love tale. this can be a tragedy.
This is a e-book a couple of get a divorce so undesirable that once you place the items of the affection tale again jointly, what you get is murder.

Mike is familiar with that almost all people commute in the course of the international as one 1/2 an entire, desperately looking for that lacking individual to make us whole.

But he and Verity are diverse. they've got chanced on one another and not anything and not anyone will tear them apart.

It does not topic that Verity is marrying one other man.

It's all simply a part of a plan: you spot, Verity and Mike play a online game jointly, a mystery video game they name 'the crave', the purpose being to illustrate what they either recognize: that Verity wishes Mike, and merely Mike.

Verity's upcoming marriage is the most important video game she and Mike have ever performed. And it is for the top stakes.

Except this time to ensure that Mike and Verity to be jointly anyone has to die ...

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POINT BLANC by Vinit Chowdhary

By Vinit Chowdhary

Scientists are losing like useless flies; yet as average as their deaths could seem, there definitely is anything fishy. Akash Malhotra, a committed policeman, is scorching at the trails of what he identifies as suspicious. something results in one other and Akash reveals an enticing piece within the puzzle after he's taken off the case; however the journalist who guidance him off is killed.

His research takes him deeper into the case, yet quickly, he's killed too. input Shakti, an NIA officer with fireplace in his abdominal. He embarks at the trip via murky waters, encountering extra murders and kidnappings at the manner. combating raging battles and getting to know inconvenient truths, Shakti’s research takes him to a really tricky position. Does he capture the fellow in the back of the entire murders? Does he retailer the way forward for his nation from annihilation via a nuclear missile?

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In einem Boot (German Edition) by Charlotte Rogan,Alexandra Ernst

By Charlotte Rogan,Alexandra Ernst

Damit die einen überleben, müssen die anderen sterben.

Grace ist frisch verheiratet mit Henry wintry weather, einem jungen Mann aus reichem Hause, als sie sich am Vorabend des ersten Weltkriegs auf der Zarin Alexandra einschifft. Doch nach einer mysteriösen Explosion sinkt der Ozeandampfer, und Henry erkauft seiner Frau einen Platz in einem Rettungsboot.
Den Naturgewalten schutzlos ausgeliefert, treibt das überladene Boot wochenlang auf offener See. In einer Atmosphäre aus Misstrauen und unterdrückter Aggression stellen sich existentielle Fragen.

Sollen die Stärkeren sich opfern, damit die Schwächeren überleben können? Oder besser umgekehrt? Wer darf das entscheiden? Und sitzt Grace überhaupt zu Recht in diesem Boot?
Grace überlebt die Katastrophe, findet sich aber Wochen später vor einem Gericht in long island wieder. Die Anklage lautet auf Mord.

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Un caso come gli altri (Italian Edition) by Pasquale Ruju

By Pasquale Ruju

Il primo romanzo dello sceneggiatore di alcuni dei più famosi fumetti italiani: Tex, Dylan puppy, Martin Mystère, Dampyr, Nathan Never.

Due donne, sedute una di fronte all’altra nella stanza chiusa di un commissariato. Annamaria è los angeles vedova di un potente boss della ’ndrangheta, trapiantato nel nord ovest. È stato l’amore, alla nice, a condurla fino a quella stanza dalle spoglie pareti di cemento. Silvia è un giovane e rampante Sostituto procuratore della Repubblica. Ha un dovere da compiere, ed è decisa advert andare fino in fondo. Deve interrogare Annamaria consistent with scoprire tutta los angeles verità sulle circostanze in cui è morto suo marito. Si guardano in silenzio, poi los angeles vedova comincia a raccontare. E Silvia sa che da quel giorno niente sarà più lo stesso. Perché quello non è, decisamente, un caso come gli altri.

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