We’ve been spotting talent in the crowd for more than 30 years . . .

We’ve been spotting talent in the crowd for more than 30 years . . .


J. Gregory Coleman Group was established to deliver superior services for assessing and recruiting senior level executive talent for companies, institutions and other organizations that believe that investing in Human Capital is critical to their ongoing success and sustainability.

The firm’s service model is predicated on four philosophical pillars:

1. There can be absolutely no margin for error when making important hiring decisions.

2. Thorough due diligence must be undertaken to establish a candidate’s qualifications and cultural fit with the client organization.

3. Accurate assessment requires a detailed understanding of the client’s needs and culture.

4. Each assignment is conducted in a systematic, confidential and professional manner.

I have known Greg Coleman for more than 25 years since we first worked together at Chase Bank. Over the years I have come to rely on Greg as a trusted advisor for identifying executive talent and assessing proper fit with the organization. Keys to Greg’s success are his operator’s approach to solving human capital problems and his ability to align with the interests and objectives of his clients.

Robert H. Benmosche (1944-2015)
President & CEO